kaja draksler

pianist composer

Kaja Draksler Photo by Sara Anke

I was born in a small village in Slovenia and grew up in the countryside. My father was a train driver, my mother is an accountant. I have a younger brother who became an engineer.

At the age of 18 I moved to The Netherlands for music, the idea won over my plans to study Latin and old Greek. A few years later, I was immersed into the rich world of Amsterdam’s improvised music scene, which complemented my studies of classical composition in a great way. After 13 years in Holland, I now live between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Trboje, Slovenia, with regular visits to Amsterdam and Berlin.

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Punkt.Vrt.Plastik's second album Somit is coming out in March on INTAKT Records. Watch the trailer here.

Czajka & Puchacz is working on a new project, Kiebitz & Uhu, with German lyrics and disco beats. More soon.

I did my first ever remix as Pani Oko for Pimpono Ensemble x ____ album It's Not About Fun REMIXED. Musicians who also contributed to this very colorful album are: Trakt Abstraktu, Maciej Maciągowski, M8N, Brak Oczu, Solo Gemini, Din Pile, Gianluca Elia, Ogryzek and remo wschód.

The INTERVIEW BLOG about the future of music and musicians' relationship with the concept of innovation is going to be available in physical form in a couple of months. Working on it!

I started a Bandcamp page. Old and new music available here.

No need to mention that bunch of my concerts in the near future are being canceled due to coronavirus... I am keeping the Agenda updated.



Doek Composes: Guest Edition no.1, December 2020

Doek Composes: Passage by K. Draksler, November 2020

John Butcher, Stale Liavik Solberg, Kaja Draksler: at Kafé Hærverk, November 2020

Feecho: Live at Vancouver International Jazz Festival, September 2020

Christian Lillinger's Open Form For Society: LIVE, August 2020

Czajka & Puchacz: BIVALIŠČA, May 2020



Kaja Draksler & Irena Tomažin for City of Asylum Pittsburgh, Jazz Poetry Month

Kaja Draksler Octet: DANAS, JUČER, SUTRA

An interview with Tomaž Grom for Centralala.


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Apr 29 Punkt.Vrt.Plastik @ JazziMalmo Inkonst
Bergsgatan 29, 214 22 Malmö, Sweden
May 12 at V:NM Graz
May 20
May 23
Czajka & Puchacz at Cerkno Jazz F, date TBA Cerkno
5282 Cerkno, Slovenia
Jun 19 Punkt.Vrt.Plastik Peitz
03185 Peitz, Germany
Jun 24
Jun 26
Solo at Motvind, date TBA Oslo
Jul 16 Solo @ Zagreb Biennale DRIVE Unity
Trnjanski nasip, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Aug 13
Aug 16
29451 Dannenberg (Elbe), Germany
Sep 4 Open Form For Society Cologne
Sep 11 KD Octet @ Gaudeamus TivoliVredenburg
Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht, Netherlands
Oct 7 KD Octet @ KAAP Concertgebouw Brugge
Academiestraat 18, 8000 Brugge, Belgium


  • “The young Slovenian pianist Kaja Draksler shows off a wealth of sturdy ideas and nonchalant technique on this stunning solo recording.”


  • “/.../ the young Slovenian pianist Kaja Draksler pulls together information from a century of experimental music and jazz. She also makes rhythm a priority, and reminds you subtly that she knows what she’s doing. /.../ It’s hard, or maybe impossible, to predict where she’s going to take you. That’s not so common from a young musician.”

    New York Times

  • “Draksler brings austerity, subtlety and poignancy with her fluid piano playing and rings through in bright, rich textures.”

    Irish Times